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Joey Diaz

Joey Diaz

Joey Diaz is today’s most recognized Cuban-American comedian. As a veteran of the stand-up comedy scene, an instantly recognizable character actor in film and television, and a bonafide cannabis aficionado, “CoCo” has more than a word or two to say about weed. 

Having established himself in familiar shows like My Name is Earl, movies like the most recent Soprano’s spin-off The Many Saints of Newark, his podcast Uncle Joey’s Joint and even a voice acting role in a video game, Joey Diaz is a busy man. But, once the mic and spotlights are turned off, he enjoys a cordial relationship with cannabis that helps him deal with the highs and lows of life, anxiety of performance, and days when his life was far removed from the bright lights of Hollywood.

Offering a unique selection of cannabis products, stamped with Joey’s seal of approval, Laughing Gas is a vibrant, individual brand that lives up to its name. So sit back, relax, and get the giggles! Available at Ice Kream, Studio City and Ice Kream Los Angeles, Shop our selection of potent Laughing Gas strains or browse a list of dispensaries across Southern California to find your nearest Laughing Gas supplier.

Live, Laugh, Leaf

Raised in New Jersey, Joey Diaz is the kind of guy who tells it like it is. Known as “CoCo” or “Uncle Joey” to those familiar with him, he has had a long-standing relationship with cannabis that has seen him through the good times and the bad. A few years ago, Joey spoke to High Times about his early experiences with different strains. “In New York City, all we got was Thai Stick, Panama Gold, Colombian Gold, Panama Red and this Lamb’s Bread that the Jamaicans would sell, which was great,” he recalls. But, he goes on to explain the development of sinsemilla (or, weed without seeds) and its explosion in New York during the 1980s.

Diaz spent a lot of time in and around Harlem; buying weed and enjoying life. He learned a lot in this era. He would visit his godmother on 183rd Street, where he experienced the strength of Jamaican “Lamb’s Bread” for a dollar a joint. He even remembers using what you might call a cannabis loyalty card. “Every time you bought a bag, you got a punch hole. So every 10 times you went, you got a free bag,” he reminisces. You could either get the Lamb’s Bread or the sinsemilla, or they would mix them together and call it the Master Mix.” Nowadays, Joey still enjoys a good smoke, but he’s also into CBD and edibles. In fact, he mentions that his love for edibles means he has to watch his waistline, so he often takes it in pill form instead of eating candy.

How We Got Here

Joey began his stand-up career far away from the hustle and bustle of the East Coast. After moving to Colorado in the late 80s, he performed his first routine at the Comedy Works in Denver. It didn’t go all that well – partly because he had indulged in some “nose candy” backstage. He would never use it again before a show, but he would speak openly about his own struggles with cocaine addiction later in life. These escapades would get him into trouble and on the wrong side of the law. But, stand-up and weed saved the day.

“Comedy had made its point; there was no reason to be a criminal when I had little things going with comedy. So comedy, in a way, saved my life.”

Joey Diaz

After taking on the stand-up world, Joey had his ups and downs with the law, and with substances. However, he would continue his romance with weed. Joey performed stand-up comedy and landed numerous TV and movie roles. Famously, he and Joe Rogan met numerous times on the Joe Rogan Experience to “shoot the shit”, discuss life and his love of weed. Later, Joey started his own podcast, sharing tidbits and stories about smoking, misadventures, and his legendary tolerance

How High Can CoCo Go?

Even scientific studies have all but confirmed that repeated cannabis use results in less prominent effects over time with the same amount of THC. (1) If you’ve smoked for a while, you’ll definitely be able to attest to that. It’s just something that we know within cannabis circles. It’s a well known fact that many public figures aren’t quiet about their love affair with weed. But, few celebrities can boast the incredibly high tolerance of Joey Diaz. And, although Snoop Dogg, Willie Nelson, Rihanna, and Seth Rogen could give him a run for his money, Joey’s ability to handle his weed is well-known in the industry. In his adventures on the Joe Rogan Experience, and his own podcast, Joey is quoted as saying he consumes 600-1000mg of THC a day!

“We’ve crossed some of the most popular strains today for the ultimate happy high.”

Laughing Gas

Uncle Joey Says: Get Happy!

Weed Los Angeles Laughing Gas

With Laughing Gas, Joey has poured his heart and soul into a premium selection of products for weed fans to get excited about. Joey has always been an outspoken advocate for cannabis. He has used it throughout his career and is now a prominent celebrity smoker. Joey uses his platform to tell people about the benefits of cannabis, and to tell humorous stories about his escapades involving the plant. Now, he has turned his attention to developing cannabis products every weed connoisseur can enjoy. They’re bright, they’re vibrant, and best of all, they’re strong! 

“Our mission is to promote laughter and unity in the cannabis world”

Laughing Gas

Laughing Gas is Joey’s take on cannabis. As the name suggests, one of the main aims is to help people feel more relaxed, lose their inhibitions, and perhaps have a good laugh about things. Offering not one, but five, different strains, Laughing Gas gives cannabis users the chance to pick their favorite characteristics and flavor profiles. And with over 30 years of experience smoking, Joey knows exactly what he’s talking about when it comes to cannabis. 

Laughing Gas Products

Be ready for weed that packs a punch. There are five unique strains to choose from, each with its own flavor profile, so you’re sure to find one that matches your personality!

CoCo Truffle

  • Indica-dominant hybrid
  • Specially created for Joey Diaz
  • Cactuz x Super Lemon Cherry Gelato strain
  • Gassy and sweet
  • 27.25% THC
  • Happy, relaxing high

White Truffle

  • Hybrid
  • Quick-hitting head high
  • Gorilla Butter strain
  • Smooth and tasty
  • 25% THC
  • Relaxed, creative high

Rainbow Runtz

  • Balanced hybrid
  • Zkittlez x White Runtz
  • Earthy, piney, candy-like flavors
  • Tropical scent, dessert-like taste
  • Calming, relaxing high
  • 25% THC

Zashimi Truffle

  • Indica-dominant hybrid
  • Laughing Gas original flavor
  • Cactuz x Super Lemon Cherry Gelato
  • Relaxing body high, suitable for pain relief
  • 31.48% THC

Tremendous Truffle

  • Indica-dominant hybrid
  • Dense, fruity flavor
  • Euphoric, creative high
  • 28.16% THC

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What’s Next For CoCo?

Joey Diaz is a man with personality. He continues to be a well-loved comedian, actor, commentator, and weed connoisseur. He’s a comedic presence in the podcast world, with his regular show Uncle Joey’s Joint, and has made a name for himself by keeping it real and never hiding his true self from the world. Teaming up with Ice Kream has allowed him to share his love for weed, and has created something of a stir with its bright, psychedelic branding. 

Currently, Joey is riding a wave of success with Laughing Gas, and is setting his sights on the future. On the horizon, Delta 8 products will be a part of the Laughing Gas family. Research suggests that Delta-8-THC provides many of the same benefits as delta-9-THC with fewer adverse effects. (2) Until then, Joey will continue to champion his unique, high-quality weed strains as the best choice for a satisfying high!

Find Weed in Los Angeles, CA

We’re right here to provide you with top-shelf weed with Joey Diaz’s stamp of approval! Laughing Gas is available for a late-night smoke, a laugh with friends, or a chill wake and bake. CoCo’s instant weed classics are available at Ice Kream Studio City and Ice Kream Los Angeles. And, as Laughing Gas products are available at over 40 dispensaries in Southern California, you’ll be sure to find some at a location close to you! 

Love the Laughing Gas look? Shop the merch store for t-shirts, hoodies, and more! You can also check out Uncle Joey’s Joint for more weed-fueled discussions on Joey’s YouTube channel.


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